Types of Mods

They say that when businesses compete, consumer benefits. And one of the ways we benefit is via innovation. More resources get pumped into Research and Development and as a result, we get to have some amazing creations at our disposal. Car mods are no exception to this and over the years, the growth of the industry can be reflected in just how much choice there is. 

How you choose to mod your car is up to you and it really is all about different strokes. Some want a blend of everything while others are very selective on a particular area. There is no wrong way to do it though. Unless you do it wrong of course. 

Performance Mods: These mods include engine upgrades, ECU Tuning, exhaust upgrades and suspension enhancements etc. Most of the work done here is under the hood so it won’t show until you rev up. Exhaust will be a good giveaway but most importantly, it will add more horses to your ride. One of the great things about this area of mods is that you can gauge this objectively by checking the horsepower of the car. If you’re doing it right, those horses will go up. 

Aesthetic Upgrades: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we have all kinds of people with a vast variety of tastes. This is why it is common to be turning your head upon seeing a car that has made some very apparent changes. From body kits to wraps and wheels etc, there are many options to choose from. And it is just as easy to do custom work if you have the money for it. You can really express yourself and stand out with how you style your car. And you know you have done it right when you are compelled to turn around and look at your car each time you park and walk away. 

Functional Mods: Now we are talking about things that improve the functionality of your car. This is based on individual and driving needs. From audio systems to upgraded brakes and a better interior layout etc. These mods enhance your experience in a car based on what your needs are. Some people want to feel the bass when the beat drops. Some people want their brakes to match the performance upgrades. It all comes down to what you can do to make your driving experience better. 

Off-Road Mods: Some people like to take their cars for rigorous tests in the deserts or sand dunes or hills and what not. Usually cars don’t come with parts that can survive these tests so you’d have to turn your car into a beast by installing aftermarket parts. These mods are designed to help you reach new heights and really enjoy those offroad stunts. Don’t forget to install safety mods along with this. 

Track Mode: We all know tracks and what happens there. You line up alongside another driver and go in a straight line for a quarter for a mile to see who finishes first. Or it could be a circuit track where you have to take corners and negotiate turns. Either way, your car needs help with these maneuvers and speeds. Your regular seatbelt will need to be switched out with a 3 point harness. For seating you will have a bucket seat. You’ll need to install a roll cage for protection in case you end up upside down. It would be very foolish to go on a track without all safety measures because mistakes can cost you a lot at high speeds. 

These categories don’t cover everything but they should give you a very good idea and basic knowledge on the subject. Ultimately it is you who decides what you value more. Modding cars is a lot of fun and the feeling of driving a car you love is a joyous one. So have fun while you mod and we hope you are able to achieve what you are looking for.