Why Did We Observe A Switch To Carbon Fiber?

Doesn’t carbon fiber sound like something out of an Iron Man movie?

Well, it does to us!

You must have guessed it by now,

We are here to talk about carbon fiber!

But before we talk about the more significant questions, let us answer the elephant in the room.


What is carbon fiber?

In easier terms, it is a very strong almost magical material straight out of a chemistry lab!

And in not so easier terms.

Carbon fiber is a polymer that exists because of the self-linking properties of Carbon known as catenation. It is often known as Graphite Fiber too and has a lot of potential as a super material for the future. It is one of the most closely related materials to a super material that has ever existed. One of the most astonishing aspects of carbon fiber that make it so special is the manufacturing affinity that the material has.

We do not call it a super-substance just for the sake of it, it actually has limitless potential, especially in the engineering paradigm of human existence. 

Did you know, carbon fiber is approximately twice as Stiff as steel, and up to 5 times as strong? 

And did we tell you, it's super lightweight too?

Sounds Absolutely Magical.

Now let us move on to the next question!

How is carbon fiber formed?

On the face of it, carbon fiber contains very thin strands or fibers of Carbon linked in long chains. What these fibers do is act as a platform that distributes the weight per square unit of the material used, which in turn strengthens the material and gives it the signature quality.

Another, fascinating fact about these fibers is the thinness of the strands; they can be as thin as human hair but can withstand high pressures. A famous form of these carbon fibers–the Carbon Nanotube is regarded as the strongest material available to humankind. 

The process to make a carbon fiber sheet is quite simple, 

Strands are woven into yarns and the yarns are then woven into a cloth-like texture which can be then moulded into any shape or size with the use of resin or hardening compounds. As a result, carbon fiber is widely used in a variety of sectors, including the aerospace, automotive, military, and recreational industries.


Why carbon fiber?

We have already mentioned the core competencies of the carbon fiber, here and there, but if we were to make a list, it would go like this -

  •     high stiffness
  •     high tensile strength
  •     low weight to strength ratio
  •     high chemical resistance
  •     Tolerant to High-Heat
  •     low thermal expansion


Now the most burning topics of them all!

Carbon fiber and the Automotive Industry!

The most popular applications for carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) are in premium and supercars. The material, which is essentially carbon fiber linked by a polymer like epoxy resin, offers a very high strength to weight ratio. With a density of just 1.6g/cc, it is significantly lighter than steel without sacrificing strength.

The first automobiles to use carbon fiber in smaller parts and components to improve the speed were expensive racing models, high-end cars, and supercars. The use of composite materials has significantly expanded recently as automakers have come to understand their advantages. 

Some cars even use carbon fiber into the building of their bodywork. BMW F82 M4 uses carbon fiber for the OEM roof as it is a more lightweight option and equally sleek & cool. Since carbon fiber helps vehicles accelerate more quickly and maintain greater control, even wheels are now built with carbon fiber components.

The main objective of lightweight construction is to improve performance, but carbon fiber does it without sacrificing aesthetics. The material gives the cars a smoother, more streamlined appearance while providing rapid acceleration and higher top speeds. 

For these engineering reasons and well, the super cool looks, the material is also being used in a number of customized automobile applications. The widely discussed material is in high demand because of its attention-grabbing qualities and high-performance features that captivate consumers.

We know, We know!

Carbon fiber is super cool and now you want to know how you can get your hands on it for your own cars. 


We might not be able to study minds,

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