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BMW Floating Wheel Center Cap Set

The high-quality, floating center caps create a special focal point on the wheel even when the vehicle is in motion.


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The high-quality, floating center caps create a special focal point on the wheel even when the vehicle is in motion.


Simply remove the old center caps and replace them with the new version.

    Benefits at a glance:
    • Floating hub cap with BMW logo
    • BMW logo no longer turns with the wheel but instead remains level
    • Fits all BMW light-alloy wheels with a (68mm) 5x120 or (56mm) 5x112 bolt pattern.
    • Diameter of BMW wheel Center bore: (68mm) 72.6 mm or (56mm) 66.6 mm.
    • Silver ring.
    • A set of four floating wheel center caps.
    • Ships from California, USA.
    68mm fits OEM wheels for the following cars:
    • E31 8-Series
    • E36 3-Series/M3
    • E36/7 Z3/Z3M
    • E38 7-Series
    • E39 5-Series/M5
    • E46 3-Series/M3
    • E52 Z8
    • E53 X5
    • E60 5-Series/M5
    • E6x 6-Series/M6
    • E6x 7-Series
    • E70 X5/X5M
    • E71 X6/X6M
    • E82 1-Series/1M
    • E83 X3
    • E84 X1
    • E85 Z4/Z4M
    • E86 Z4/Z4M
    • E89 Z4
    • E9x 3-Series/M3
    • F0x 7-Series
    • F06 6-Series GC/M6 GC
    • F10 5-Series/M5
    • F1x 6-Series/M6
    • F15 X5
    • F16 X6
    • F2x 2-Series
    • F25 X3
    • F26 X4
    • F30 3-Series
    • F3x 4-Series
    • F36 4-Series GC
    • F80 M3
    • F8x M4
    • F85 X5M
    • F86 X6M
    • F87 M2
    56mm fits OEM wheels for the following cars:
    • F39 X2
    • F44 2-Series GC
    • F48 X1
    • F90 M5
    • F92 M8
    • F93 M8 GC
    • F95 X5M
    • F96 X6M
    • F97 X3M
    • F98 X4M
    • G01 X3
    • G02 X4
    • G05 X5
    • G06 X6
    • G07 X7
    • G1x 7 Series
    • G15 8 Series
    • G16 8 Series GC
    • G20 3 Series
    • G22 4 Series
    • G26 4 Series GC
    • G29 Z4
    • G30 5 Series
    • G42 2 Series
    • G80 M3
    • G82 M4
    • G83 M4

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