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BMW M 50 Year Anniversary Heritage Floating Center Cap Set


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For the enthusiast that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the details.

Switch up the look and aesthetic of your BMW to match your style with our BMW M 50 Year Anniversary Heritage Floating Center Cap Set!

  • Floating wheel center cap with BMW Motorsport Heritage Logo
  • Fits all BMW light alloy wheels with a 5x112 bolt pattern (56mm) / 5x120 bolt pattern (68mm)
  • Diameter of BMW Wheel Center bore: 66.6 mm (56mm) / 72.6mm (68mm)
56mm will fit OEM wheels for the following cars:
  • F39 X2
  • F44 2-Series GC
  • F48 X1
  • F90 M5
  • F92 M8
  • F93 M8 GC
  • F95 X5M
  • F96 X6M
  • F97 X3M
  • F98 X4M
  • G01 X3
  • G02 X4
  • G05 X5
  • G06 X6
  • G07 X7
  • G1x 7 Series
  • G15 8 Series
  • G16 8 Series GC
  • G20 3 Series
  • G22 4 Series
  • G26 4 Series GC
  • G29 Z4
  • G30 5 Series
  • G42 2 Series
  • G80 M3
  • G82 M4
  • G83 M4
68mm will fit OEM wheels for the following cars:
  • E31 8-Series
  • E36 3-Series/M3
  • E36/7 Z3/Z3M
  • E38 7-Series
  • E39 5-Series/M5
  • E46 3-Series/M3
  • E52 Z8
  • E53 X5
  • E60 5-Series/M5
  • E6x 6-Series/M6
  • E6x 7-Series
  • E70 X5/X5M
  • E71 X6/X6M
  • E82 1-Series/1M
  • E83 X3
  • E84 X1
  • E85 Z4/Z4M
  • E86 Z4/Z4M
  • E89 Z4
  • E9x 3-Series/M3
  • F0x 7-Series
  • F06 6-Series GC/M6 GC
  • F10 5-Series/M5
  • F1x 6-Series/M6
  • F15 X5
  • F16 X6
  • F2x 2-Series
  • F25 X3
  • F26 X4
  • F30 3-Series
  • F3x 4-Series
  • F36 4-Series GC
  • F80 M3
  • F8x M4
  • F85 X5M
  • F86 X6M
  • F87 M2

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Gina Becci
    Floating anniversary caps

    Very good quality and look great!

    Brian Madonia
    Good Quality and look

    Identical look to the OEM caps that are stationary. As the other reviewer mentioned they stick out a little, but very pleased with the product.

    Elena Burris
    Just like OEM

    Very good quality, appear to be identical to OEM.


    If you had shown me the official normal floating center caps and the Bimmer Plug floating center caps and asked me which one was made by BMW, I would have guessed incorrectly. The Bimmer Plug floating center caps are a next-level quality. They make the official ones look silly. I don't know if Bimmer Plug needed to over-engineer them to get them perfect, but they sure do feel like they are more than worth the price. As others have pointed out, the Bimmer Plug version does poke out a tiny bit more than the BMW ones. It isn't bad or good, but it is a difference.

    For those that care about design, I would also make the observation that the logo has enough going on in it that the details really get lost when presented in the small center cap size. If you are looking for quick brand recognition, you may want to stick with the standard logo.

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