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PSM Style Carbon Fiber Aero Body Kit - BMW F80 M3 & F82 / F83 M4


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Introducing the pinnacle of enhancement for your BMW F80 M3 & F82/F83 M4 with the PSM Style Carbon Fiber Aero Body Kit from Bimmer Plug. Engineered with precision and meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, this Kit showcases a captivating, refined aesthetic bound to command admiration wherever your journeys take you.

Crafted from top-tier carbon fiber, this Aero Body kit enhances your vehicle's aesthetics and performance. It comprises essential components such as a front lip, side skirts, trunk spoiler, and rear diffuser. This kit complements your BMW's contours, elevating its appearance and aerodynamics with sophistication and refinement.

Engineered for straightforward installation onto your vehicle, the PSM Style Carbon Fiber Aero Body Kit includes all the essential hardware and comprehensive instructions, ensuring a hassle-free upgrade process. Its sleek design ensures that your BMW stands out on the road.

Elevate your BMW F80 M3 & F82/F83 M4 to a new level of performance and style with the PSM Style Carbon Fiber Aero Body Kit by Bimmer Plug.

This product is custom-made to order. Please allow 1-3 weeks for production and 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Please note that custom-made products cannot be exchanged or returned.

  • High-End Construction: Crafted from high-quality carbon fiber material, the PSM Style Carbon Fiber Aero Body Kit features authentic carbon fiber renowned for its lightweight and high-strength properties, making it ideal for aerodynamic parts. It also has a distinctive look that many enthusiasts appreciate.
  • Striking Front Lip: PSM Style aero body Kit usually includes a carbon fiber front lip that attaches to the front bumper. This front lip enhances downforce and adds an aggressive and sporty look to the front end of the car.
  • Sleek Side Skirts: Carbon fiber side skirts are often part of the kit. These side skirts visually lower the car and help improve airflow along the sides, enhancing aesthetics and aerodynamics.
  • Stylish Rear Diffuser: The kit may include a carbon fiber rear diffuser. The diffuser is installed on the rear bumper and helps manage airflow under the car, reducing turbulence and increasing stability at high speeds.
  • Aggressive Trunk Spoiler: The Kit comes with a trunk spoiler, which cannot only enhance the rear aesthetics of the vehicle but also potentially offer a slight increase in additional downforce.
  • Durability: Carbon fiber is renowned for its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring that the appearance enhancements on your BMW will withstand UV rays exposure, daily wear, and various weather conditions without compromising their structural integrity.
  • Easy Installation: The PSM Style Carbon Fiber Aero Body Kit is designed to be easily installed onto your BMW F80 M3 & F82 / F83 M4, with all the necessary hardware included.
  • 1 unit of PSM Style Wet Carbon Fiber Front Lip
  • 1 unit PSM Style Wet Carbon Fiber Side Skirts
  • 1 unit PSM Style Wet Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
  • 1 unit of PSM Style Dry Carbon fiber Trunk Spoiler
  • Necessary hardware for ease of installation
  • 2015 - 2020 BMW F80 M3 Sedan
  • 2015 - 2020 BMW F82 / F83 M4 Coupe / Convertible

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