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M4 Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler - Audi RS4 / S4 / A4 B8.5 & B8


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Introducing the M4 Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler for your Audi RS4 / S4 / A4 B8.5 & B8 by Bimmer Plug. Each detail of this exquisite spoiler is meticulously crafted from high-end carbon material, transforming your Audi into a masterpiece of automotive artistry.

Designed to harmonize seamlessly with your Audi's aesthetics, our trunk spoiler offers more than just an appearance upgrade – it's a statement. With a design that exudes sophistication and sportiness, this spoiler enhances your vehicle's character, leaving an indelible impression.

Beyond its captivating design, this M4 Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler is a symbol of performance. Embrace enhanced aerodynamics and experience a smoother ride as the wind resistance diminishes, enabling you to navigate with greater control and confidence.  Installation is a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your Audi's aesthetics and performance. With Bimmer Plug's M4 Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler, make a lasting impression on the road. 

Upgrade your Audi RS4 / S4 / A4 B8.5 & B8 with the M4 Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler by Bimmer Plug and make a distinct statement of style and performance. 

This product is custom-made to order. Please allow 1-3 weeks for production and 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Please note that custom-made products cannot be exchanged or returned.  

  • Dry Carbon Material: Immerse yourself in the allure of dry carbon's lightweight strength. Our trunk spoiler's construction ensures both durability and captivating aesthetics, enhancing your Audi's exterior.

  • Distinctive Design: Embrace the M4 style that sets your Audi apart. Our trunk spoiler boasts a captivating design that exudes sophistication and sportiness, adding a touch of individuality to your vehicle.

  • Enhanced Aerodynamics: Beyond aesthetics, our spoiler is engineered to optimize aerodynamics. Experience reduced drag heightened stability, and a dynamic driving performance that exhilarates.

  • Easy Installation: Elevate your Audi effortlessly. Our Dry Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler features easy installation, ensuring a smooth transformation process that enhances both style and performance.
  • 1 unit of the M4 Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler
  • 3M tape for ease of installation
  • 2013 - 2016 Audi RS4 / S4 / A4 B8.5 & B8 Sedan

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