Our prime objective is to help bring your dream BMW build into reality.

Artisan-made BMW carbon fiber mods and aerodynamic performance parts combined with a hassle free, quick, and neat process, from the time you receive your mod, until we help finish your build. We are here to assist you throughout the entire modification process.


Elevate the way you drive your BMW.

Bimmer Plug will help you be equipped with the most premier carbon fiber aerodynamic parts, trims, and cosmetic mods. We aim to have you experience what it feels like to really mod & own your ride, and drive as heads turn towards your BMW, showcasing superior performance aerodynamic enhancement and unmatched style.

My name is Kevin. Entrepreneur, fellow BMW enthusiast, and proud founder of Bimmer Plug.


After getting my BMW F32 435i, September of 2020, I made it my mission to build a brand geared towards helping its clients turn their dream builds into reality in the most productive and hassle-free method possible. Since then, I’ve had my eye on growing my business by taking utmost care of every single customer through selling exclusively top-notch parts at reasonable price points.


We mean what we say.

Here at Bimmer Plug, we do things differently. No guesswork is needed when we say that each of our products go through manual inspection. Our customer's experience will always be the number one priority in anything we do. From selecting products, quality control, receiving them, and up to after-sales support.

We’re not number one… yet. So we’re doing everything we can to earn your trust, upgrade your ride, and provide you access to the best carbon fiber products on the market. So when we say that ALL our products go through the most careful manual inspection, we mean that.

Impressive variety.

Carrying most F & E series, & BMW M cars aftermarket modifications, we are here to impress you with our wide range of carbon fiber parts and mods that will give you, and us, tons of fun. Variety is the key and we are ongoing development for new products for your favorite BMW chassis every day! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are looking for a specific carbon part, listed or not listed on our website.

Get first dibs on new parts and mods released on our site as we list all of our products in stock faster than hitting boost from a roll. And when you think we spend all our fuel on uploading, you’re wrong. We respond, single turbo fast, on our social media channels for any concerns you have with any transaction you have with us, big or small.

We’ve introduced ourselves. Now it’s time for you to let other people know about your style and personality through your modded BMW build. After all, you’ve already discovered your trusted partner to achieve your dream build.


Check out the awesome builds we've got the opportunity to be apart of!

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