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Welcome to Bimmer Plug Community

Make Money Promoting Quality Products

Who We Are ?

Welcome to Bimmer Plug – your one-stop destination for European car enthusiasts! We specialize in top-notch performance mods and carbon fiber parts for BMWs and other leading European car manufacturers.

Our vision is to build a vibrant global community of automotive enthusiasts. We strive to offer the finest products, engineered for quality and a flawless fit so your vehicle always perform at its peak.

Join us at Bimmer Plug and experience the thrill of driving your automobiles like never before!

Be a Part of our Community
  • Fastest Growing Automotive Modification Brand in the USA

  • Committed Team for Product Innovation and Advancement

  • Focused only on 8 automotive manufacturers : BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, McLaren, Lamborghini, and Tesla

  • Global Shipping is Available

  • Robust Quality Control Without Compromise

  • Outstanding Customer Satisfaction with a 9.5 Rating

Why Should You Join ?

How to Join

  • Sign Up With Us

    You will get a unique discount code and access to our Affiliate Dashboard where you can monitor performance and payouts.

  • Share Content

    Use reels, posts, stories etc to share our brand with your audience. You know your followers best so it is up to you how you share.

  • So It Begins

    Any sale associated with your unique code pr link is reflected on your Dashboard in real time. Your earnings will also be displayed here.

  • Time To Get Paid

    Track your earnings and get paid weekly! You will be notified by email as well when you are paid.

Note: Affiliates who achieve a monthly sales target of 50k for 2 consecutive weeks will earn a 10% commission!

From the Founder

My name is Kevin Le, and I am the founder and creator of Bimmer Plug, the BEST BRAND for transforming your stock car into a personalized machine that you will LOVE. Although I am the creator, this empire cannot be accredited all to myself. We are a team of diverse and talented individuals who help drive in the vision of Bimmer Plug into reality.

Our vision is to create a community of automotive enthusiasts who are passionate about personalizing and enjoying their automobiles. Join us in creating this community and embark on the ultimate build journey while connecting with like-minded enthusiasts.

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Have questions? We have answers.

Our Affiliate Program is the most cost effective means of connecting our products with people that love them. Thanks to social media, people with common interests are closer and connected than ever before. Through our Affiliate Program, they can be introduced to products they will be interested in while also enjoying a discount through the channel.

Affiliate program simply tracks sales via a third party platform using unique links and/or discount codes. An affiliate is anyone who is promoting our products to their audience using the said link. Whenever that link is used and converts into a sale, the affiliate is rewarded with a percentage of the sale.

An affiliate program benefits all parties involved. The business gets relevant audiences and customers. The affiliate gets to introduce their audience to an amazing line of products to their audience and in return also opens up a stream of revenue. Lastly, the customers benefit by getting a discount that is unique to them for products that they are likely to purchase.

We use third party platforms to track sales. We have no control over these platforms and their reporting. Tracking platforms recognize the relationship between merchant and affiliate through a unique link. Whenever the link is used to complete a purchase, the platform will report the sale as well as the order value along with time of sale and some other key information. Your unique link is very important so it is essential that you use it whenever you promote the business. Sometimes we may use a unique discount code instead of or as well as the unique link. The mechanism will remain the same.

We like to leave the creative aspects of promotion to the affiliates because you know your audience best. That said, we are happy to provide you with any materials that you need. We have photos, videos, banners and data that you can use. We can also write you ad copies and promotional texts. We are here to help you through every step of the process.

Our commission structure offers a flat 5% of the sale, with a 5% discount. For instance, if a customer makes a $100 purchase, you'd earn $5. Once you maintain $50,000 in sales for two weeks, your commission rises to 10%.

Additionally, we reserve the right to raise your commission once you pass a certain threshold of sales, and we may also award bonuses to affiliates with outstanding performance.

We are amongst the very few merchants who pay on a weekly basis. Payments are made via the third party platform and you will be asked to submit your preferred payment method details at the time of sign up.

You can promote them on social media platforms or shout them from the rooftops. How you share them is entirely up to you. The wider net you cast, the better your earnings will be.

Our tracking platform will show you in real time how many sales you have generated and how much you have earned against those sales. You can log in to your account any time you like and view your performance information. If you need help with it, please contact us.

No. Unless you are in one of the countries sanctioned by the United States barring us from doing business with you, you can sign up and become an affiliate. However, you will perform best if your audience is predominantly in the United States.

You can contact us at any time with any questions. In this program, we all benefit so it is in our interests to help each other. If this is your first time or you are facing challenges or even if you have suggestions, ping us and we will be in touch with you.

Let’s break new grounds & build something amazing, together.