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Magnetic Paddle Shifters - BMW F Chassis


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Elevate your BMW F Chassis to new heights of precision and performance with Bimmer Plug's Magnetic Paddle Shifters. Designed with automotive enthusiasts in mind, these shifters seamlessly integrate into your BMW's interior, offering an exhilarating and refined driving experience.

Our cutting-edge magnetic technology guarantees lightning-fast gear changes, whether cruising through the city or conquering the open road. Say goodbye to lag and hello to seamless power at your fingertips. Crafted with comfort and usability in mind, our shifters feature an ergonomic design that feels like a natural extension of your hand. Take control of your vehicle's performance effortlessly, making every shift a joy.

Built to last and endure the demands of daily driving, these shifters are constructed from top-quality materials. Installation is a breeze without complex modifications or special tools. Bimmer Plug's Magnetic Paddle Shifters aren't just about performance but also a statement of style. Elevate your interior aesthetics while embracing superior functionality.

  • Precision at Your Fingertips: Our Magnetic Paddle Shifters are engineered with cutting-edge magnetic technology, ensuring lightning-quick gear changes for a precision driving experience like never before.

  • Ergonomic Excellence: Designed with your comfort in mind, these shifters boast an ergonomic grip that fits naturally in your hand, allowing you to take command of your vehicle's performance effortlessly.

  • Built to Last: Crafted from premium materials, these shifters are built to withstand the rigors of daily driving, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability for years to come.

  • Effortless Installation: Enjoy a hassle-free installation process without the need for complex modifications or specialized tools so that you can hit the road with ease.

  • Responsive Control: Experience responsive handling like never before, with each shift feeling natural and intuitive, whether navigating city streets or exploring the open highway.
  • 1 set of the Magnetic Paddle Shifters
  • Carbon Fiber Paddles - Short
  • Carbon Fiber Paddles - Long
  • Installation tool and screws
Fitment (V1):
  • BMW M2/M2C | F87

  • BMW M3/M4 | F80/F81/F82/F83

  • BMW X5M/X6M | F85/F86

  • BMW 1 Series | F20/F21/F52

  • BMW 2 Series | F22/F23/F45/F46

  • BMW 3 Series | F30/F31/F34/F35

  • BMW 4 Series | F32/F33/F36

  • BMW  X3/X4 Series| F25/F26

  • BMW X5/X6 Series | F15/F16

  • BMW X1 | F48/F49

  • BMW i8 | I12/I15

Fitment (V2):
  • BMW M5/M6 | F06/F10/F12/F13

  • BMW 5 Series | F07/F10/F11/F18

  • BMW 6 Series | F06/F12/F13

  • BMW 7 Series | F01/F02

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    Reasons Our Carbon Is Different

    Bimmer Plug:

    Top-notch Dry / Wet Carbon Fiber Material
    Fitment Guaranteed
    Manufactured with an OEM Mold
    Lightweight, Strong, and Durable


    Low Quality Carbon Fiber Material
    Bad Fitment with No Guarantee
    No Mold Information
    Not Upheld to a Great Standard